Smuggling Solidarity: “On the Bride´s Side” Filmscreening

15387360_10209207788685739_1200467804_o*ORGANIZE SOLIDARITY!* – A Soli-Evening & Party for a Friend.

It´s been exactlly two years after the verdicts in the #Fluchthilfeprozess/ smuggling trial in Wiener Neustadt against eight refugees – most of them being activists in the Refugee Protest Camp Vienna. Today, we want to stand in solidarity with all migrants and refugees supporting each other in crossing borders and in their struggles for freedom of movement.
The number of persons supporting migrant mobility and therefor being surveilled, criminalized, sentenced, imprisoned and banned from the countries as so-called human smugglers is constantly growing all over Fortress EUrope – since ways of entering or passing through EU countries have been widely illegalized and therefor become more and more difficult without assisting structures. In Austria more than 1 000 persons have been sentenced guilty under the law of §114 FPG “Smuggling” since the year 2015 – almost all of them Non-Austrian citizens. They are conceived as criminals threatening the country´s sovereignty in managing migration.

Our friend, a refugee accused in a “smuggling” trial (currently being appealed), asked us for (financial) support in his current asylum process. Therefor we are organizing this solidarity evening- together with the Precarity Office Vienna and the space W23.

We are very excited the film team of “On the Bride´s Side” gave us permission to screen their powerful, award-winning movie on assistance in crossing borders. We are looking forward to create a space of exchange and inspiration with you.

Cocktails, Food, and our new T-shirts – Donations for legal support.
Entrance to the screening is for free.
Film starts at 7.00 pm – be on time!

Unfortunately the space is not wheelchair accessible – Let us know if you want support!

The evening and film screening is part of this weeks´
where we will come together to
LISTEN (to) each other,
ORGANIZE resistance and solidarity structures.
The whole program will be updated daily on our fb-page and
Check it out!

Orig. title: Io sto con la sposa (Eng. title: On the Bride’s Side)
Length: 98′
Country of the film: Italy/Palestine
Directors: Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande, Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry.
Language: Mostly Arabic, part Italian.
Subtitles: English.

A Palestinian poet and an Italian journalist meet five Palestinians and Syrians in Milan who entered Europe via the Italian island of Lampedusa after fleeing the war in Syria. They decide to help them complete their journey to Sweden – and hopefully avoid getting themselves arrested as traffickers – by faking a wedding. With a Palestinian friend dressed up as the bride and a dozen or so Italian and Syrian friends as wedding guests, they cross halfway over Europe on a four-day journey of three thousand kilometres. This emotionally charged journey not only brings out the stories and hopes and dreams of the five Palestinians and Syrians and their rather special traffickers, but also reveals an unknown side of Europe – a transnational, supportive and irreverent Europe that ridicules the laws and restrictions of the Fortress in a kind of masquerade which is no other than the direct filming of something that really took place on the road from Milan to Stockholm from the 14th to the 18th of November 2013.

More information and materials about the project, the incredible crowd funding campaign and press reviews here:

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